Friday, January 25, 2008

Almost quicker than a Banksy it's gone

WOW, This little baby sold out its first run in 2 minutes today. I guess the news about these is spreading and many more people are using or want to use them. I think I had at least a month or two to decide to buy up my 40h a couple years ago.

This is fabulous news. Well done to Brian and Kelli. There wil undoubtedly be a second run. More details at monome

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Whilst walking the pushchair

Took a stroll. Knew roughly where I was heading. In amongst the backstreets are these gems. Nikers is looking really fresh still.. incredible really. I guess it gets some shelter in the alleyway.. Battery konked out as I was snapping the large ghetto ghost so will make another trip. Click pics to go LARGE!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Pretty nasty weather last night but an excellent turnout for the draw of the Graffle at the Mercure Hotel in Bristol. Some great pieces there and Gem on draught. Nice!

The Nick Walker 1/1 was framed in a massive gold swept frame and between two sheets of glass. It was pretty impressive. Went in an auction that kicked off the night for just over £1k.

Dicy. One of the best pieces there. Awesome frame job by Niche.

Mr. Jago.

Motorboy - fantastic.

Banksy Stop and Search studio proof 1/1. Scooped by a non-present winner.

A bit of the main stage with Rourke, Cyclops and Sweet Tooth pieces on display.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ferrania posters

One of the suprise gifts over Chrimbo came from my Dad. He had snapped up some amazing promotional posters/POS material from the Italian film maker Ferrania. They were cool and I think they date from around the 1960's. He picked them up for such a great price and offered me any I wanted. I picked the one above.

New year and more framing

Starting as I mean to continue. Lots of stuff lying in tubes or in the protfloio at the moment so it was off to the Habitat sale today for some off-the-shelf 80x60's at a great price. I asked for vouchers for Chrimbo so these bad boys were a steal. The frame section had been dessimated so these were my second choice (no 'Copenhagens' at that size) but I'm happy all the same.