Friday, October 13, 2006

surely every child's parent should have one this xmas

I have no idea what this is called but I like it. I've read that technically it's a toy and there's no usb or midi interface with it - shame. I'm hoping someone can tell me its name though so I can give it a go.

This is from the person who shot this video of him playing it. He/she go on to say -"Each scultpture allows for up to 3 different sounds depending on where you put it on the sound pad. You can change Tempo, Echo and Reverb levels and even sample up to 5 seconds on the clear cube sculpture! It also has an audio in to mix your iPod music with these sounds... and once you save your mix, you can use it as an alarm clock!"

  • a movie of the ??? in action

  • Update: Aha.. it's called a Zoundz and it has a line input so it can interact with your audio!

  • a zizzle zoundz in a shop
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