Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Friday, October 13, 2006

anyone for a wotsit?

This looks and sounds absolutely bonkers and I'm going to like listening to it. A ceephax (Andy Jenkinson, brother of Tom 'squarepusher' Jenkinson)soundtrack to a movie about crisps.

  • the crisp chronicles (boomkat's listing)

  • Aha, the movie is here in full frazzel glory at their Chelmsford Film Society site.

  • crisps
  • surely every child's parent should have one this xmas

    I have no idea what this is called but I like it. I've read that technically it's a toy and there's no usb or midi interface with it - shame. I'm hoping someone can tell me its name though so I can give it a go.

    This is from the person who shot this video of him playing it. He/she go on to say -"Each scultpture allows for up to 3 different sounds depending on where you put it on the sound pad. You can change Tempo, Echo and Reverb levels and even sample up to 5 seconds on the clear cube sculpture! It also has an audio in to mix your iPod music with these sounds... and once you save your mix, you can use it as an alarm clock!"

  • a movie of the ??? in action

  • Update: Aha.. it's called a Zoundz and it has a line input so it can interact with your audio!

  • a zizzle zoundz in a shop
  • Saturday, September 09, 2006

    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    jelly antler tracks online

    Aug 25th - first couple of new tracks loaded up on my jelly antler myspace page. They may turn out to be 'cep' tracks in the future as I've got different plans for the jelly antler sound but there you go.

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  • Friday, August 11, 2006

    another beautiful music box

    I was simply awe-struck when I first saw this.. it looks amazing!
    There's a small quicktime and flash movie on the web site and you can hear some beautifully light and twinkling notes created when it revolves. Awesome.

  • sonicolumn
  • Monday, July 10, 2006

    i want a monome 40h

    These fantastic controllers are on the wishlist. Incredibly well made and not beset by logos, tags or heavy advertising. Just really beautifully drilled with 64 green backlit buttons. I think they're doing a limited run of 400.

  • monome

  • a monome video

  • another monome video
  • jelly antler

    more sounds to follow new sounds


    new sounds on their way

    update 31 July 06 : 4 tracks posted up last week on myspace

  • cep
  • Live 6??

    Apparently Ableton Live 6 is being launched this Friday at NAMM
    "On Friday, July 14, at 10:30AM, Ableton will hold a special press conference."

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  • Sunday, April 30, 2006

    new schengen CD 'the Beijing of our career' is released

    schengen release their new, and debut album this week and it's a great feeling to have done so. It can be purchased at makeminemusic (see links opposite). The alternative press release appears below because it's too amusing not to be published. Thanks Scott.

    Schengen are Bontempi fetishists Ian and Nick. Both have paid their dues within the music industry, Ian being a founder member of Kajagoogoo and Nick half of Eurovision hopefuls Bardo. They met by chance through their day jobs, as dancers on the Brother Beyond tour, where they discovered a mutual love of Einsturzende Neubauten and crisps. "The Beijing of our Career" is Schengen's first full-length release. "We would have recorded a full-length album before," Nick explains, "but we never had enough coins for the meter and kept running out of power". Recorded by candlelight, the album follows on from EPs on Roisin International and some French label. The new album moves into new territory for the band and recalls both the dark, swirling majesty of Bros' sophomore album and the emotional intensity of "Martika's Kitchen". Imagine the hair of Howard Jones on the body of Aled Jones and you'd be nowhere near.

    "The Beijing of our Career" will be promoted with a campaign of abstinence. Nick will be appearing in a series of pubs across the Bristol area, whilst Ian will be finishing his new collection of short stories entitled "I Know I'm Here Somewhere".

    gaye bykers on acid shirt. I was tempted

    Probably my favorite gaye bykers on acid shirt ever made was on eBay this week. I have a pink version of 'girl byker' bought back in the day, but I was tempted to get a her yellow compatriot. If it was 'boy byker'..well.. I would have definitely bid. This shirt went for over £20 I think.

    dblue Glitch goes beta and free

    I discovered this VST about three weeks back while it was in its previous v1.2.x demo incarnation and immediately loved using it. Now the latest version is out and its developer has decided to make it free (and call it a day on its development). Staggeringly versatile, this latest version includes better sound quality and improved GLITCH (along with a lovely rainbow GUI in my opinion). Absolutely fantastic VST to add something different to your loops and joins an ever growing list of free VSTs I like. PLUG OVER.

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  • Sunday, April 23, 2006

    fledgling laptop music site

    This site has been around for a few months but I think they lost a lot of their postings for some technial reason. Be good to see the forum grow as there aren't that many sites dedicated to laptops and creating music (strangely enough).

  • laptopartist
  • Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    music for spaces

    well i've started a new review forum for the purpose of gettiing some top tip-offs and recommendations from people for new ambient, experimental and electronic music. A place to hear about new and exciting music, maybe at the point of its creation, hot off the press and worthy of a (deep) listen.
    worth a slog of my time to have a bit of fun and see if I can get to hear some new sounds.
    it's here:
  • music for spaces
  • Well here we go on my new blog thing. Good start the text is in whirte and I can't see what I'm typing.