Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Schengen on the remix tip

Distant Noise have just released the remix album as part of their first series of CDs. The artists on the album are all those involved with the label's first series of releases that began at the start of the year. We were asked to remix Yellow 6's 'Kulturhuset' track.

This album along with a few remaining copies of the album we did earlier in the year for the label are available here

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

POW Open Day Sunday December 7th

Managed to get to the POW open day on the quieter day of the two that it was on. Had a great time chilling out and seeing inside the POW offices. Lots of arty tempations and saw pieces that you could only dream of owning, including an original Banksy canvas of Thomas the Tank Engine getting tagged whilst he sleeps.

Part of the event saw a lottery to win a Banksy print, or given the opportunity to purchase the new one called Very Little Helps. The pic above are my stash of 20 tickets prior to filling them in. Hob and Ace were with me and went for the lottery too. They *both* got lucky and had their names picked out of the hat for the chance to purchase the Banksy print. I, unfortunately, did not. Still, I'd made a £20 donation to Sightsavers, someone's eye sight restored, and had a great time up there.

Sickboy Show, Tramshed, Shoreditch, December 7th 2008

Managed to pop along to the first solo show by Sickboy. The show was domintaed by this large shed/house he'd constructed and which you could win if you had thw lucky golden key. I've had no calls to say I've won it yet, which is probably a relief. Where would you put it??

More pics on my flickr.

Plimsoul/Tom Tebby

Close up of a tiny section of a larger canvas no bigger than a few cm square. Canvas by Plimsoul at the Mutate Britain show, Cordy House, Shoreditch, December 7th, 2008.

Mr. Wim

At the Mutate Britain show, Cordy House, Shoreditch, December 7th, 2008.

A good collection of Mr. Wim news on the Daily Duff blog.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Children of the Can Jam

Me and the family went down to the docks to see some of the great and the good from the last 25 years going to town with the spraycans.

More photos from the Children of the Can jam down on the docks here

Buy this fantastic book from Tangent

Brrrrr chilly!!! Fair play to the artists sticking out it into the afternoon as it was well bitter down there.

MakeMineMusic night, Kilburn Luminaire 22/11/08

I was honoured to attend and DJ at the MakeMineMusic night in Kilburn last week where we launched the new compliation and enjoyed live sets by Piano magic, July Skies and Yellow 6.

More photos from the dj booth (and bar) here

Southville Temple

The other day I found this beautiful Sickboy temple which I hadn't seen before, well I can't remember seeing it before. It dates from 2004 and is still in cracking, un-buffed condition.

I was to see it again later in the week, this time in the Children of the Can book where it opens the Sickboy chapter. Nice!!

More photos here

Thursday, November 27, 2008

BBC Blast videos of Mr.Jago, Faile, Matt Small, D*Face and Pure Evil

I love the way Flickr throws up new discoveries. I was flicking through and saw a new set of behind the scenes stills from the BBC interviewing Mr.Jago in his Bristol studio. One click later and I found the video. Not sure if these have been aired or if they are going to air tomorrow on BBC2 but they are certainly all available to watch now, courtesy of the Beeb. As well as Mr. Jago they have interviewed Pure Evil, D*Face and Faile, Matt Small and others.



Matt Small


Friday, November 21, 2008

Jelly Antler on the new MMM compilation

My track Back To School (Original Edit) is on the new MMM compilation coming out round about NOW!

Available from MakeMineMusic for a fiver or free with any two back catalogue releases, and all the decent internet music retailers incl Amazon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MMM050 Makeminemusic compilation, out November 22nd 2008

YES!! Arrived today! The new MakeMineMusic compilation.

This comes initially at the Makeminemusic night at the Kilburn Luminaire with PIANO MAGIC, JULY SKIES and YELLOW 6, November 22nd.

Available widely from Monday 24th November or right now from who have a good deal on it.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Make Mine Music Night at Kilburn Luminaire feat. Piano Magic, July Skies and Yellow6

Piano Magic, July Skies and Yellow6 play a very special MakeMineMusic label night at The Luminaire, Kilburn, London on Saturday 22nd November. There will also be DJ sets by Portal and Innerise, playing new and exclusive Make Mine Music tracks.

The event marks the release of a new MMM compilation album, 'MMM050', featuring exclusive tracks by many of the label's artists. Copies of the compilation plus many other MMM releases will be available on the night at lower-than-shop prices.

Tickets are only £6.00 in advance, available from:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

'Plumage' by Jelly Antler on Soundcloud

I was quite pleased with how this one turned out. Give it a play.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jelly Antler on Soundcloud

Giving the Soundcloud website a spin. Nice player from the site with one of my tracks.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Upfest coming to the Tobacco Factory, Bristol 19th October 2008

Why it's our Queeny in a Banksy hoody

Should be a great event and raising money for a good cause.

Bemmy temple

Loved the textures this Sickboy temple was creating in the wood. How old is this one?
More photos of this are at

We're being lyed to!

You knows it.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MakeMineMusic album launch with Piano Magic, July Skies, Yellow6. TheLuminaire, Kilburn. Sat 22nd Nov 2008

Exciting gig news, we're having a launch party!
MakeMineMusic compilation album launch with Piano Magic July Skies and Yellow6.
DJs Portal and Innerise
The Luminaire, Kilburn.
Sat 22nd Nov 2008

Monday, October 06, 2008

Dreweatts Urban Art Auction at Paintworks: Second Coming

I was pleased to hear that Dreweatts were returning to Paintworks in Totterdown again to host a preview show for another of their Urban Art auctions. It's been well commented on the forums that this set of lots is a slight step up the quality scale than the previous.. and I thought the last set of pieces were good. Indeed there is so much good stuff in this time that it's difficult to know where to start.

Some of the Nick Walker pieces are really good, particularly the set of framed Apish Angel heads and the Headless Astronaut on black canvas.

The Inkie's are great sat either side of the huge Eelus (The good, the bad and the moon).

The Seen pieces are really nice (again), wouldn't mind one of those :P

Some nice Dennings there too and the large OS Gemeos is superb.

I really didn't think I would say this but I really liked the RYCA canvas, not the Mondrian caravan, but the black (acieed?) heads on grey which has excellent textures and glossy deep blacks. Surprise of the show for me.

D*face is nicely represented in the catalogue, and a cracking display of his pieces I thought.

Ok, onto the Banksy's. Really nicely arranged around a large, central viewing area, there were some cracking prints and originals this time. Seeing a signed Laugh Now and Happy Chopper (quite possibly my holy grail) in the same room is always a good thing. The Vandalised Oil didn't disappoint but for me the Monkey Detonator was the best Banksy original in this auction. Like all the pieces from the Sevenshed show in 2000 what a scoop they have turned out to be for their owners. I think this one is good enough to top out the reserve price of £40-60k but we'll have to see. But where's my picture of it gone??

The Parla is lovely but I can't help thinking it looks out of place in this set of work.

Oh, and there's a Rowdy and Dora collaboration print available too.

Good vibes, great gallery space, nice to have some tunes whilst browsing and good to see a healthy amount of visitors coming to see the cream of street art work on show.

The show is off to London to preview in Shoreditch, and the auction itself takes place on the 14th. All the details of the auction can be found here.

My thanks to Mary x

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drops by Jelly Antler (excerpt)

Drops from 2006.

Gonker by Jelly Antler (excerpt)

Gonker from 2006.

Tracks up

I thought I'd stick some Jelly Antler tracks up on this blog for those that would like a listen. I'll start with a few excerpts from older tracks and then hopefully in the weeks and months to come will be able to put up some new stuff.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blurble - the most spectacular thing

Simply had to blog this.
The Burble is a massive structure reaching up towards the sky, composed of approximately 1000 extra-large helium balloons each of which contains microcontrollers and LEDs that create spectacular patterns of light across the surface of the structure. The public, both audience and performer, come together to control this immense rippling, glowing, bustling 'Burble' that sways in the evening sky, in response to movements of the long articulated interactive handle bar at the base of the structure. The ephemeral experience exists at such a large scale that it is able to compete visually in an urban context with the buildings that surround it.

More info from

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bristol blog - Threenine

Just chanced upon a Bristol based gallery/blog called threenine. I've only read one page form the blog but it covers artists and news from the local street art scene. They've got Lokey on their books who's has just released a new print.

Hats off to them for sneaking a few pics from the Dreweatts show. I was down there on the same Sunday and at points during the day there must have been more staff than viewers. I only managed to get a few shots of some proper vandalism done in the loos. Those pics may one day surface. Anyway, I digress.

Their blog is at

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ben Eine

New show from Ben and a new screenprint. A kind of monoprint looking affair of his trademark alphabet. He's currently in Denver showing at the Andenken gallery for which this is the show screenprint.

Some beautiful glittery canvass on offer along with other variations on his letter style. One of the best street artists on the block and at the peak of his work right now.
Check out more details from the show at and on the Andenken blog
Might have just scored one of the prints too. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fried BIOS

Well I completely trashed my main PC yesterday with a spectacular act of over-meddling. I tried to upggrade the BIOS hoping that it would then allow the MOBO to accept my new 1Tb drive. Instead I bad flashed it and have ended up with a large doorstop.
I'm trying to see positives... and I can only think that it was probably time for an upgrade anyway.
But feck!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So I've taken the plunge.. and err.. gone pro ;)


It''s kind of liberating actually as I've over filled the free allocation several times over.
Looking forward now to sets sets and more sets...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dreweatts Urban Art Auction Paintworks Totterdown

The family popped down the hill to see the Urban Art Auction preview show (blogged about here earlier) which landed in Totterdown this week.
What can I say.... FABULOUS!

No photography allowed unfortunately so I will just have to put up with the catalogue and my memories for this one. The show is such a good representation of the 'scene' as it stands right now. You've got your big players (Banksy, Neate, Faile and Walker) mixing it with some of the stalwarts of the Bristol scene (Inkie - my partner's favourite, Rowdy, Dicy, Motorboy) and also those artists who we may not hear much about in 6-12 months time such is the up and down nature of the 'urban art'(horrible horrible term) market.
I had some heart in mouth moments as my eldest (only 5) ran through the gallery waving and throwing his balloon about. The staff looked on anxiously and we beat a hasty retreat into the outside courtyard which still shows some leftover traces of Thursday's opening party. In fact the decks and PA at one end of the gallery were still switched on and ready to crank up again. I wish I could have cracked on a disc and broken the tranquilness of this morning's viewing. It was all.... shhh ... a bit... hush...quiet.
Click this pic and you'll see Paris and Mudwig's work on the other side of the river.

You can just about make out a Jack and Jill and Grin Reaper on display in this shot.

All I can say is if you are anywhere near Bristol you should get down to see this before the show moves onto the actual auction itself in London. It's here until Monday night and is open 10-6, 10-4 Monday.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

St. Werburghs

Popped down the other day to St. Werburghs to have a look at Xenz's handywork on the Farm pub. He's done a beautiful job on it, a lush green countryside scene. Wanted to check out what the tunnel down there had up on its walls and I wasn't disappointed. Nice work from Cylops and Jeff Row (not heard from him for ages).


Also found a beautiful little Apish Angel from Walker. Really sharp.

Friday, May 30, 2008

How to Moonwalk

Often wondered how to do this. I'm going to start practicing :)

How To Do the Moonwalk

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Great Weston print from Let Them Hang

The great people at Let Them Hang are releasing a very special print edition to commemorate the Screen One printing house on Jamaica Steet and the dedicated work of the main print man there Paul.
The print looks excellent, a China Mike based drawing of the building covered in trademark images of work from the artists associated with LTH and Screen One. Those include: Dicy, Paris, Xenz, Sickboy, Mr. Jago, Nick Walker, Banksy, Ximl and Mau Mau. 100 of the edition have been further hand-finished by some of the artists and these went on sale last week at the Dreweatts Urban Art Auction Show in the Ultralounge at Selfridges. As blogged earlier, this is a touring show and is coming down here to Paintworks next week.
I got shown round Screen One last year when picking up a canvas. Really interestng place, very tall and narrow and covered floor to ceiling in printing paraphenalia and imagery. Bit of a treasure trove of Bristol steet art and print history really. I remember seeing Nick Walker's screens for the Moona Lisa print lying around, and some tasty Xenz APs whilst there.

Knowingly a bit late with this post but suffice to say that there are still 100 of these prints left in the edition (available from June 1st) and possibly a special 'Bristol' edition coming out for us folks here in Bristol which I might go for.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PoSh oNe canvas arrives

This arrived this week - an awesomely good canvas from Moseley-based artist PoSh oNe. This piece is called 'Guardian'. Check the girl hiding behind the clouds bottom left.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ball bearing squencer

Would look awesome on a dark stage I'd expect.

Ball Bearing Beat Creator - Watch more free videos

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Schengen on BBC6Music!

Schengen were played on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on BBC6Music this weekend. He played 'Bake Off Part1' from our new album Ce Gil (available here).
I'm so stoked with this.

The show is available to 'Listen Again' for the next week. We're around 1hour 40 mins into the show and follow Robert Wyatt!
Link to the show's tracklisting

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not a Penny..

Just back from the Not a Penny show in Bristol.

A Healthy queue pre-show. Amazingly it took about 30 seconds to filter in from where I was standing here. By which time the entire queue were at the sales desk ;) Nah, not quite..but nearly!

Immense. Sweet Tooth Oi Oi

Birthday for Cyclops?

C215 outside

I think SPQR must have had an incredible night. Fair to say the majority of the sales queue were for these and the print.

Bit of Rowdy - in memory of Mary's stall that used to be a few hundred yards up the road.

Canvas from Cept



Cyclops and Mau Mau

Mau Mau Bees and Banana

Mudwig and the masses






Khanage - one to watch.

Khanage again

The sketch from Gaia.


45 rpm

Two great canvasses from Will Barras.

Some Matt Small's


All in all another hit from the Steal From Work crew who have uncovered and given us another interesting and spacious venue. The highlights for me are the Sweet Tooths, they just dominate the room and grab your attention I think. The other highlight for me was the serious paintwork in the outside area and the 'finds' you can make around the venue and up the Glos Road. It's definitely worth popping in for this one.

The general scene last night.