Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not a Penny..

Just back from the Not a Penny show in Bristol.

A Healthy queue pre-show. Amazingly it took about 30 seconds to filter in from where I was standing here. By which time the entire queue were at the sales desk ;) Nah, not quite..but nearly!

Immense. Sweet Tooth Oi Oi

Birthday for Cyclops?

C215 outside

I think SPQR must have had an incredible night. Fair to say the majority of the sales queue were for these and the print.

Bit of Rowdy - in memory of Mary's stall that used to be a few hundred yards up the road.

Canvas from Cept



Cyclops and Mau Mau

Mau Mau Bees and Banana

Mudwig and the masses






Khanage - one to watch.

Khanage again

The sketch from Gaia.


45 rpm

Two great canvasses from Will Barras.

Some Matt Small's


All in all another hit from the Steal From Work crew who have uncovered and given us another interesting and spacious venue. The highlights for me are the Sweet Tooths, they just dominate the room and grab your attention I think. The other highlight for me was the serious paintwork in the outside area and the 'finds' you can make around the venue and up the Glos Road. It's definitely worth popping in for this one.

The general scene last night.

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