Sunday, December 23, 2007

December graf tour of Bristol

Hob and I set off one crisp December afternoon on a mission to cover some miles and see as much street work as possible in an afternoon before unwinding at the 12 Days of Xmas show. We achieved quite a bit. The only downer, I forgot to bring enough memory for the camera. My set is about half of the tour, starting in Easton, over the M32 to St. Pauls and Montpelier. The tour is also here
First stop,the streets around Mivart St

Polka dotty on an old garage door. I don't know who this is by but I really like it. One of many highlights.

Over the M32 into tcf and aagh territory.

Dan - so good.


Into St.Paul's


Cyclops / Sweet Tooth. I love this. Hit up on a large white canvas (a white van). Kinda feels like boredom had set in or wanted to warm up before a larger hit.

Banksy, a real surprise to see this one still around.

Dan - check the detail touches in the background and dresses! Incredibly good.

Jago with some beautiful colours.

And, I leave you on a piece I have no idea who created , but I like, and also where I ran out of camera memory... and we'd only just started! Next stop for those interested was Banner Road and 39 Steps, The Old England Pub and then off for some Sweet Tooth views, Xenz and Banksy on Nine Tree Hill, before heading up Jamaica St and Park Row.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Banksy for a fiver?? Oh, go on then.

I saw the organiser of this excellent graffraffle on the Beeb last night and he was quick to point out that without Nick Walker's help there may not have been a Banksy in the old lucky dip. But there is... and a pretty impressive prize it will be for one lucky person. A Studio Proof 1/1 of Banksy's latest print Stop and Search (still waiting..... see previous post). Knowing what Banksy APs go for on the open market this is a seriously big prize for a raffle. I shall be down there at 12 Days on Saturday and will propably buy a ticket for Dicy, Xenz and Jago as well. Spreading my luck.

Check out all the details at

If anyone's interested I have an audio recording of Dom on BBC Radio Bristol yesterday. Such a great cause as well. My youngest son has had a trip to the Bristol Children's Hospital earlier this year and he received some fantastic care there. Well done Banksy and Dom.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fanks Hob. My Jago original

My good friend Hob bought me a Jago doodle. An original biro and coloured pen on paper job. I'm stoked. Framed him, "POS 5", yesterday (temporary, need a mount) in an old frame I have knicked from Helen's degree show work (it was only rotting away in the loft so I consider it rescued). Comments on this beauty welcome as always.

Got one!

I've been trying for nearly a couple of years to get a signed Banksy. They're elusive things. I've failed on the last three attempts to get a sniff. I have a few unsigned from before the LA prints and I got as far as an unsigned from the recent LA series, but I put it back into the POW feeding frenzy as I simply didn't like it (Morons). Probaly not my smartest move ever but hey, I just didn't want it at the time.

This week the miracle happened and I 'may' have prized the Holy Grail. I ain't getting too excited as it's not in my hands yet but the postie could get a big hug from me when they arrive (actually, maybe not).