Friday, December 21, 2007


Banksy for a fiver?? Oh, go on then.

I saw the organiser of this excellent graffraffle on the Beeb last night and he was quick to point out that without Nick Walker's help there may not have been a Banksy in the old lucky dip. But there is... and a pretty impressive prize it will be for one lucky person. A Studio Proof 1/1 of Banksy's latest print Stop and Search (still waiting..... see previous post). Knowing what Banksy APs go for on the open market this is a seriously big prize for a raffle. I shall be down there at 12 Days on Saturday and will propably buy a ticket for Dicy, Xenz and Jago as well. Spreading my luck.

Check out all the details at

If anyone's interested I have an audio recording of Dom on BBC Radio Bristol yesterday. Such a great cause as well. My youngest son has had a trip to the Bristol Children's Hospital earlier this year and he received some fantastic care there. Well done Banksy and Dom.

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