Friday, March 12, 2010

Minotaur Shock @ Start the Bus

I had the pleasure of seeing the magnificent Minotaur Shock this week down at Start The Bus. He didn't disappoint and, as before, I think he left most people either very happy or in a state of permanent jaw-droppingness as a result of watching his serious multi-tasking musicianship -this time juggling guitar, drums, laptop and god knows what else.

I last saw him a long long time ago at Ashton Court Festival, which I guess may have been about the time time of his first album. I hadn't heard his latest album, Amateur Dramatics, which has much more of an electro edge to it in places (not a bad thing at all in my book) so it was a shock (pun) to hear some acid squelches and saw tooth in amongst the violins, drums and pianos.
In sum, he killed it, and the place was rocking. One amazing musician from Hanham (East).

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