Thursday, April 24, 2008

Schengen Ce Gil Album reviews

We've received some cracking reviews for the new album. Here are the reviews from the mighty Norman Records and Small Fish.

Norman Records said...
Now on that limited Distant Noise CD label comes a new CD from Schengen, 'Ce Gil '. 10 tracks of atmospheric variable electronics from the former krautrocker. 'Fendered' is playful electro taking in snippets of Thieves Like Us era New Order with light techno touches. 'Duc' is aquatic, motorik electro. Some parts glide & glow with positive radiance. Really earthy & pretty, fluid textures, skittering beats, hypnotic Orbital-esque piano loops, digital bursts of fuzz....the list goes on. This is a quality release, an eclectic collection of moods from a quiet old master! Limited to 100 numbered copies so be quick!
This is pretty damn cool!"

Smallfish said...
Distant Noise have released some super CDs in the last couple of months and the Bristol duo of Schengen deliver the third in the series. This album pretty much defies categorization in many ways and I think that's why it's so good. Having said that it does mostly feature electronic music in many different shapes and forms. Thus, you get melodic, classic sounding electronica with sweet chords and homely tones. But, you also get some fairly hefty sounding old-school techno tracks with a minimal leaning and some very robust beats. In my opinion, that's actually when they're at their best as they really let loose some rocking moments. All in all in it's a brilliantly varied and extremely tidy set of tracks. Bravo.

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