Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 and busy

Well happy 2009 to YOU. I've been enjoying myself over the Christmas break, lots of parties, seen a good amount of friends, spending new years with 3 of them and a bottle of Disarono (check out the Wild Hibiscus cocktails coming soon) and generally having a good time. And it was my son's 6th birthday today so as with every year the party vibe lasts a good week longer into Jan.

The first proper week of the year has been really busy for me on the music front with 4 tracks laid down for a *possible* ep. I'm going to wait until the tracks have bedded in, and I've digested them enough times before deciding whether I like them enough to do something with them. But I'm pleased put it that way.

Looking out for a new kit on the cheap for the studio to progress is the next thing for me. My thoughts have turned to playing live at some point this year so I need to get some outboard rig together if I'm going to do it. We'll see....

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Portal said...

>4 tracks laid down for a *possible* ep.

Yeeees!! Bring it on !!!!