Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stunning new Portal EP

Simply had to blog about this one. Portal is releasing a new EP 'Options' in March on Make Mine Music. I've been lucky enough to hear some of the tracks and they're blinding. Scott has kindly upped to Soundcloud an alternative mix of one of the tracks recorded with Ben Holton from Epic45 for everyone to hear. It's frankly superb. The track is entitled You're Building Over My Childhood and it's a lush slab of guitar pop with a tendency to stay in your brain long after hearing.

The new Portal EP "Options" will be released in March 2009 on Make Mine Music (MMM048). The 20-minute CD features four new tracks:

1. Options (with vocals by Glen Johnson, courtesy of Future Conditional)
2. You're Building Over My Childhood (with vocals and additional guitars by Ben Holton, courtesy of Epic45 & My Autumn Empire)
3. Slow Burner (with vocals by Lorraine Lelis, who has previously sung with Mahogany and Auburn Lull)
4. Options (Future Conditional remix) (with vocals by Glen Johnson and Angèle David-Guillou, courtesy of Klima)

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Portal said...

Only just seen this, Nick. Many thanks for the very kind words x